Surveys and trend reports in the field of Global Mobility have identified “family adjustment” as the most challenging factor of managing international assignments. For assignees traveling with children, ensuring that their children’s education (and therewith their future) are not interfered is a critical factor in the decision-making phase prior to agreeing to an international move. For expats, concerns associated with their children’s education are a continuous potential factor of stress and consequently a breakdown risk throughout their assignment.

Edufax’ Educational Mobility Consultants have extensive experience advising Global Mobility Teams of multinational companies. Some of our partnerships have been thriving for over 25 years, allowing our consultants to not only tailor their advice to each family’s unique needs, but also play a crucial role in understanding a company’s philosophy towards what their internationals can expect from them.

Educational Mobility Services

For the majority of our long-term clients we support all internal moving families via an “Educational Support Package” (for expats) or an “International Local Hire Package” (for families moving on an open-ended contract. These packages warrant support from the moment that services are initiated until one year after the (return) move. Each family receives their unique Educational Mobility Report, including advice and risk assessment concerning each child’s educational trajectory and all information needed for a family to make well-informed decisions about their children’s education prior, during and after an assignment or international move. This Educational Mobility Report is used as a guideline to determine how the children’s education will develop our time and updated via yearly check-ins with the family. Of course, families may contact their consultant any time with questions, concerns or good news about their child’s education.

For clients who are new to managing educational mobility, we gladly support in determining which vision applies to your organization:

Of course, we can help you translate your vision to the relevant sections of your reimbursement policies, and/or we can help you to implement/transition to such new policies by training your team to be prepared on situations that may lead to stress and conflict with an international employee.

Guiding principles behind our Educational Mobility Consultants’ advice

Our Educational Mobility Consultant will consider a number of key aspects of educational mobility when assessing child(ren)’s educational situation. Our advice and recommendations are based on several guiding principles that have been refined to meet the needs of globally mobile families. The main goals are to make the best choices in the schooling options available and minimize disruption to child(ren)’s educational career. Our considerations include the following:

Each child’s individual educational trajectory

Most importantly, we determine whether the international move will impact a child’s individual educational trajectory. An example of a situation in which this happens is when there is a difference in academic calendar and/or cut-off dates. Further, we consider the mandatory and customary ages of starting school in the home country, in combination with the expectations of the curriculum and mandatory and customary ages of starting school in the host country. Curricular differences based on a country’s educational system may play a role, even when children migrate from one international school to another. Moving during crucial phases of a child’s education (such as during literacy development or examination periods) and unnecessary school switches within the host location should be avoided if possible.

Furthermore, we will talk with families about future repatriation (if relevant) even though we know that the most urgent question is about schooling in the new location, especially if the family's pre-visit or move is only a few weeks away. Of course the options available and the education system in the home country are subject to change over time, but as much as possible we want to advise you on what to consider during the assignment to facilitate a future return to the home country.

Mother tongue language maintenance

Maintaining the mother tongue language is important for a multitude of reasons, not in the least because it plays an important role in your child’s developing cultural identity. Home language maintenance is needed to facilitate a future return to the home country’s education system. Finally, extensive research has shown that a child who continues to study their mother tongue language at an academic level experiences cognitive benefits.

We see an increase in national educational systems and international schools catching on to the concept of mother tongue language maintenance offerings for foreign students. Our consultants continuously research availability of high-quality programs both on-site and online.

Quality and compatibility of schooling options

When researching schooling options in the host location, the Educational Mobility Consultant first looks out for well-accredited educational institutions that adhere to the same curriculum as the children’s school in the home country. In some scenarios a change in instructional language and curriculum can easily be avoided by choosing international education, for example when a French family moves to a location where a “French” international school exists.

However, in most scenarios a change in instructional language and curriculum cannot be avoided. If this is the case, we assess the quality and compatibility of local education in the host country. Often, excellent educational solutions can be found in public schools, for example in most states in the U.S.
If our consultant concludes that local education is not a suitable option for your child, international education options are explored. We consider curricular differences, (international) accreditation, availability of mother tongue language programs, admissions criteria, and many other factors when advising a family on international education options.

Expertise Center

Internationalization is a hot topic in education, as parents, educators, future employers, policy makers and all other parties involved realize that today’s students need to be prepared for a rapidly changing and globalizing job market. Research increasingly focuses on aspects of internationalizing education: such as multilingualism, comparing quality and effect of educational approaches, and the socio-emotional impact of moving internationally.

Edufax is in a unique position in the field of educational mobility and internationalization of education: for more than 25 years we have monitored the educational development of thousands of children moving internationally. We supported the issues and challenges faced by their families and celebrated their academic achievements with them. Our extensive experience moving great volumes of internationally mobile children with unique advises and risk assessment has formed us to be an Expertise Center in the field of Educational Mobility.

About us


In 1992, Edufax was founded to meet the needs of Dutch families living abroad by offering a distance education program for Dutch language maintenance (NTC-online) in which assignments were send all over the globe via fax. While the program supported a great need for Dutch expats, these families continued to experience all sorts of difficulties pertaining to their children’s education abroad or upon return: curricular differences led to curricular gaps, cut-off dates and academic calendars meant that children were experiencing delays in their educational trajectory, children’s individual needs could not be supported adequately in all schools, etc. Working alongside NTC-online teachers, Educational Mobility Consultants supported Dutch families living abroad and their employers to avoid educational stress and unexpected costs. As our corporate clients became global companies, our services became available to a global audience as well.

Mission and vision

These days, a team of international consultants operates from Leende, Edufax’ hometown in the Brainport Region, on a mission to make international mobility have a positive impact on children’s educational trajectories. It is our vision to provide families (and their employers) with expert advice, thorough risk assessment, and all information needed to make well-informed decisions about children’s education in the light of international mobility.


Our team consists of highly trained professionals, who are all experts in the field of educational mobility, holding relevant Master’s degrees or higher, and have personal experience with international mobility.

Karlijn Jacobs, M.Sc.
Hanneke Kolthof, B.Sc.
Sales manager
Kristel Bohte, M.Sc.
Senior Educational Mobility Specialist
Andriana Marian, M.Sc.
Educational Mobility Consultant
Cathryn Hollin, Ph.D.
Educational Mobility Consultant
Corinne Owens, M.A.
Educational Mobility Consultant
Anne Heijdra, M.Sc.
Educational Mobility Specialist
Gaurav Deep Singh, M.Sc.
Educational Mobility Consultant
Randel Kelly, M.Ed.
Educational Mobility Consultant
Jiewen (Vivian) Hua - 华洁雯, Ph.D.
Educational Mobility Consultant
Kunal Waghray, MBA
Educational Mobility Consultant
Marica Rovers
Support Officer
Nadine Schampers
Support Officer
Wendy Verreijt